What is Neurographic Art Therapy?

Neurographic Art Therapy is a New Type of art, extremely beneficial for stress relief and practicing mindfulness.

It’s an easy concept to grasp and an extremely fun and relaxing way to create. Neurographic Art Therapy can be divided into Neuro (brain) and graphic (image). It is used as an art therapy technique that helps people make neural connections. Many people find it meditative and relaxing. 

Neurographical composition Wishes Iness Art classes

how does it works?

Neuroart, Neurographic Art Therapy and Neurographics are the same thing. You can draw both real and abstract objects. 

Neurographica is an entire process that is based on a psychological method. It was developed by Russian psychologist and artist Pavel Piskarev in 2014. When we use the Neurographic algorithms while drawing we enlarge the number of working neurons. Both types of neurographic art are really fascinating. They use creativity as a therapeutic approach. 

This form of art helps to realize how the inner being reacts to the outer world. Neurographical art is a way to transform one’s fears and chaos in our world into something more calm and peaceful. Neuroart is a way to transform your stress into something harmonious.

Outer your inner

“A creative method of transforming the world. An interdisciplinary practice that allows us to make the necessary personal changes, reliably remove restrictions and successfully simulate a new, desired reality” Pavel Piskarev

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