The story behind my art classes

Inessa FiU

About Iness

In 2017 Iness Fiu opened Ines Art Studio and started creating educational and artistic programs in Neurographic. These programs were designed to enhance community connection, create unique educational experiences, and promote the arts as a form of well-being. The aim of Ines has always been and always will, a way for everyone to go through this art in all its forms.

Iness has developed a supportive platform for creative kids and adults who want to share their love of the arts, demonstrate their talent, develop their skills. You can become part of a movement that shows how important art is.

You can see my Artist Portfolio in “Blue Thumb” Gallery, home of Australian Artists. 


Photo of Iness Art Founder

About Our School

Our Melbourne art classes are small and informal. We have classes for complete beginners and advanced artists. And, of course, you are welcome if you are looking for mentoring. Students work at their own pace and they get personal attention of their teacher.

Our lessons last 1-3 hours. We provide our students with all the basic equipment. A convenient storage places also are available to students. We assure you that working in our studio is safe. We use only low-toxic ink solvents and every artist clean up materials and aprons.

All ongoing students are invited to take part in our annual exhibition at the end of a year. It is a great opportunity to show your artworks to your family and friends.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton